June 1, 2023

Hot! Caswell-Massey Comes to Bowery

We love Pop-ups. Often they are a great way for brands to showcase new products and get services to customers who otherwise might have difficulty finding the brand in an accessible location. One new, limited run, retail space that we are excited to see open is Caswell-Massey. The beloved heritage beauty and fragrance brand opened a pop-up featuring an ongoing exhibit–Tenth Generation: a celebration of treasured products, bespoke formulations, and exclusive fragrances and a modern retail experience.

Located at 312 Bowery, the pop-up, designed by Arauz, locally sourced American Cherry, surrounded by a textile wall with Caswell-Massey’s Crest and Marks stitched into velvet and cotton muslin, using traditional quilting techniques. “This store experience is the perfect way to introduce the brand and its rich history to the next Generation of customers, and to showcase the ways we continue to innovate with incredible new partnerships and new ways of creating fragrances,” explains Nicolas Arauz, CEO and Creative Director of Caswell-Massey. And the efforts are apparent. The modern shop welcomes shoppers to experience the offerings in a calm oasis.

Take a peek, if you’re in the area.

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