June 7, 2023

Hot! Hilary Swank Covers MANHATTAN Magazine’s November issue

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Wearing a beautiful white gown actress Hilary Swank is captured mid-gaze in the latest cover for Manhattan Magazine. In issue, the star chats about The Hilaroo Foundation, a non-profit animal rescue she founded, her views on womanhood and her return to her roots in the upcoming film The Homesman.

Here is an excerpt from the interview

On her charity the Hilaroo Foundation, which rescues abandoned animals and rehabilitates them: 

“So I thought, how can I bring these two things together—kids who feel like outsiders and animals who have been abandoned—to help heal each other through rescue, rehabilitation and responsibility training? When an animal and a human come together, it’s very healing, especially for a child who has been given up on and who doesn’t trust people anymore.”

On her upcoming role in “The Homesman,” set in her birthplace of Nebraska:

“I was born in Nebraska. My family lives in Iowa. I’m actually right this second headed to Iowa from New York because I’m going to visit my dad for a day on my way back to L.A. I come from a generation of farmers, so it’s definitely in my blood…that was a big draw for me, [as well as] the character I play, Mary Bee Cuddy, a woman who has values, morals and manners, which, in my opinion, are qualities that at this moment we’re lacking as a culture. I thought, what a great, great woman. What a great person. The film explores issues that are timeless, and things that we’re still doing now, in 2014. Even though it takes place in the mid-1800s, I connected to it as a woman.”

On what drives and inspires her as a woman:

“The need to embrace our strength. To embrace my strength. To not shy away from what I believe in because of what anyone might think. On the flip side, I also embrace my femininity. I just turned 40, and as you grow and have hindsight, you feel less alone. When you’re in your 20s and 30s, you feel like, Am I the only one feeling this? And in your late 30s to 40s you start feeling that we’re all going through something, and the more we share our experiences, the less alone we are.”

Photography Credit: Alexei Hay/Trunk Archive

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