May 28, 2023

Hot! Five Sustainable Cosmetic Products

The cosmetic industry is known for a few things, but being environmentally-friendly isn’t necessarily one of them. In fact, brands and companies in the cosmetics industry are known for testing on animals, harmful chemicals, and wasteful products. It doesn’t need to be this way. Everything from sustainable high-end fashion to make-up is possible. When you want to improve your impact on the environment and live a more sustainable lifestyle, you should think about switching to these five sustainable products.

Eco-Friendly Makeup

First things first, you should take a look into what your favorite makeup brands put into their products. Do they test on animals? What chemicals are added? What about color dyes? There are many different options for sustainable makeup products. You should buy from brands you believe in. There are many sustainable beauty brands that don’t test on animals or include harmful ingredients in their products. People have been wearing makeup and using it for beauty and practicality over thousands of years. The chemicals were only added recently.

Makeup Remover Rounds

One incredibly wasteful product in the cosmetic industry is the cotton ball makeup removers. You use these up and throw them away, but why? Now there are cotton rounds that can be washed and reused. They can be made out of bamboo and other sustainable materials. Don’t continue to use cotton rounds or balls and throw them away when you are done. Instead, choose something that can be used more than once. This is much better for your wallet and the environment. Don’t settle for less than durable, affordable, and reusable makeup remover rounds.

Makeup Brush

A similar product is the makeup brush. These items are usually made from plastic and are typically worse for the environment than the alternative. You can look into bamboo makeup brushes or a brush made out of a similar sustainable material. While you don’t throw these out as often as other plastic products, it’s still imperative to think about the impact you are making from purchasing plastic at all. Instead of paying for something cheap like plastic, even a wood makeup brush is a better choice.

Combs & Brushes for Hair

Hair is another cosmetic area that has a variety of both sustainable and unsustainable products to choose from. A bamboo comb or brush is much better for the environment than the usual plastic ones. Wood is better than plastic, but there really is no beating a bamboo brush. Not only are these products strong and will last a long time, they are made out of a material that is low-maintenance to harvest. Bamboo requires little water and doesn’t take in as much carbon as other trees. While wood is good, bamboo is better.

Toothpaste & Brushes

Like makeup and hair brushes, toothbrushes are also available in bamboo. They are strong, providing much more use than cheap plastic brushes. Furthermore, you probably don’t think about the impact that your toothpaste has on the environment. Most toothpastes have chemicals in them that can run off into local rivers and lakes near the manufacturing center. Try organic toothpaste. You might have heard that it doesn’t work as well, but that really isn’t the case. There are many different all-natural toothpastes that don’t contain all the harmful chemicals that others do. Do a little research and you should be able to find the perfect toothpaste for you.

Whatever the product, it is pivotal to reject the myth that cosmetic products can’t be sustainable. They don’t have to include harmful chemicals. They don’t have to be tested on animals. They don’t have to be wasteful and cheap. If we all do our best to support the companies and products that are good for us and the planet, they will get cheaper. The economics of it all is that as long as people are willing to spend money on good-quality cosmetic products that are also sustainable, it will only become more viable.

So, if you are trying to live more sustainably but don’t know where to start, look into your makeup cabinet. Do some research about the product and the brand. If you do a little research, you will find that it is completely possible to support sustainable cosmetic brands and products that we shouldn’t feel guilty for purchasing.

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