December 16, 2018

Hot! Gallery Five Things We Love About Fall


Overnight, we “fell back” and conveniently gained an hour – an extra hour to continue the debauchery of Halloween, an extra hour to sleep in, or an extra hour to enjoy the beautiful fall weather that is upon us. There’s something to be said about fall in New York – when the air is crisp and the street style once again features copious amounts of layering to be admired, there is something magically delightful about the season.

However you’re choosing to make the most of the extra hour, we hope it’s a cozy one. Check out the five things we love about fall and the simple ways you can treat yourself to an even snugglier season.

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Joe Boxer Women's Pajama Shirt & Pants - Cookies

Hot Beverages

While it’s always sad to depart with iced coffee season, there’s so much to be loved about a hot cup of coffee or tea on a chilly day. Coffee and tea may help warm our bellies, but we also want to feed our souls… and Godiva has introduced a delectable treat that makes for the perfect pairing with your go-to coffee or tea drink.

The new Sablés Biscuits are indulgent, with a buttery taste that is not heavy on the palate - the Double Chocolate flavor is our favorite, and is somehow just the perfect amount of sweetness (not too sweet). These biscuits are inspired by French sables but with a Belgian twist, and for the fall season are available in three flavors: Double Chocolate, Pecan Chocolate Chip, and Almond Speculoos.

$22.50 for 6 pc. Sablés Biscuit Sampler (Set of 3)
$7.50 for 6 pc. Ultimate Chocolate Sablés Biscuit

Fuzzy Slippers

Nobody likes cold feet - especially not when you wake up in the morning or have just taken a hot shower and step onto a cold floor.

EMU Australia’s Platinum Eden has us wiggling our toes in the comfort of a sheepskin-lined slipper. The genuine Australian sheepskin is breathable, which keeps feet toasty while not overly insulated. The exterior of the slipper is constructed of natural suede with a cushioned rubber sole for support. The slipper is also water resistant, which is wonderful to protect any spills or drips that may accidentally occur at home.

$79.95 at EMU Australia
*Available in multiple colors; shown here: Chestnut

Flannel Pajamas

Are you savoring the extra hour with a cat nap? Chillier temperatures mean it’s time to break out the flannel pajamas. Joe Boxer makes some adorable pajama sets. The flannel pajama shirt and pants of our choice currently features a print that is none other than milk and cookies - whether you’re sneaking in a midnight snack or just dreaming about it.

$34.00 at Sears

Seasonal Fall Ingredients

We’re not just talking about pumpkin spice lattes - we’re talking chestnuts, butternut squash, pomegranates, and more. While we actually love to go grocery shopping, some days it just feels like it’s a chore that we don’t have the motivation to do. Enter: Plated.

A few weeks back, we tried several recipes from Plated, one that included a Butternut Squash Panzanella with Fried Eggs. It had all the things we look for in a homey dish that is perfect for the season- a harmonious blend of ingredients with different textures, fresh herbs for flavor, and a fall favorite, butternut squash (this week, they’re featuring a pizza with butternut squash, sage, and goat cheese - pictured above. Mmm!). One of the things we enjoyed most was that it was a new option we wouldn’t have thought to try cooking ourselves otherwise.

Plated takes the hassle out of deciding what to cook, measuring portion size, and actually getting all the ingredients together. The result -- dinner that is gourmet, proudly produced by you, and easy to executive with illustrative step-by-step instructions. Plus, the recipes are thoughtful and varied based on what ingredients are in season. You won’t be making pasta everyday - that’s for sure.

$72.00 for three dinners (serving two people) at Plated


Certainly some of us indulge in the use of candles year-round, but for us it’s more of a fall/winter luxury. We’ve been happy to discover soy (organic) candle options, and if you’re in the mood for fragrance that will remind you of warmer days (or tropical getaways like the lush islands of Hawaii), Malie Organics offers some lovely floral aromas. Plumeria, for example, is a soft fragrance that contains top notes of citrus and hints of plumeria, peach, jasmine, and sandalwood. The resulting scent is oh-so-relaxing.

Perfect for holiday gifting, the candles are also available in a travel-optimized gold tin, embossed with Malie’s signature lotus on the cover, so you can take the island scents with you wherever you go.

$35.00 for 8 oz. candle
$18.00 for travel-size

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