March 6, 2021

Hot! Barneys NY Celebrates Christian Louboutin’s 20 Years in Business

I am a “girly girl.” As a result, I don’t understand sports, I think pants are weird (though, I am slowly starting to come around); I love accessories, clothes and shoes.

So, if you happen to follow me on Foursquare or twitter, and notice excessive check-ins at Barneys New York, I am likely there to peek at the store’s latest window displays.

Barneys’ Madison Avenue windows have been transformed into something of a shoe mecca in honor of Christian Louboutin’s 20 years of red-soled designs. The presentations feature moving and mechanical works of art paired with Louboutin’s stunning designs.

Additionally, to celebrate the milestone, Barney’s NY commissioned Louboutin to create a limited-edition shoe to be sold exclusively at the store. The shoe will go on sale on November 1st.

Above a video of the making of the window displays.

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