January 23, 2019

Hot! Gallery Where to Eat: BV’s Grill


We’re no stranger to the Bobby Van’s group of dining destinations – so it was an absolute treat to head over to the newly opened BV’s Grill, located on 56th and 3rd Avenue, where the atmosphere is what we like to call “upscale but approachable.”

From start to finish, a meal at this restaurant is mouthwatering, and the service will leave you feeling like royalty. Click through for snapshots of our favorites and our recommendations.


Indulge in a homey appetizer like the Veal Meatballs Marinara ($14), which is exceptionally tender, juicy, and full of flavor – it was addicting to the point that we debated ordering another plate. These are definitely not your average meatballs.

For some Asian-inspired fare, we also recommend the Yellowfin Tuna Tartare ($19), which is served with housemade chips for dipping and is a delectable blend of fresh chunks of tuna, avocado, and citrus flavor from grapefruit and orange. The serving size is generous – certainly meant for sharing, although you may not want to after the first bite.

Onto the entrée course, it can be tough to make a decision with the menu’s plentiful options… but we opted for classic steakhouse fare. If you’re in the mood for red meat and enjoy a rich, creamy sauce, the Filet Mignon with Bearnaise ($42) can surely satisfy your craving; you can take it a step beyond by ordering one of their available specials, which adds fresh lump crab meat atop the Filet Mignon. Um, yum.

In the mood for seafood instead? We were curious to try the Crab Cakes ($36) and it’s one of our top picks– the lump crab meat was not only generous but huge in size, and the amount of breading was just right. A combination of red pepper compote and dijonaise sauce complements the hearty crab meat with a nice sweet and zingy finish on the taste buds. Dare we say it… these crab cakes were perhaps the best we’ve had so far on the East Coast.

To get your helping of veggies in, the Wild Mushrooms ($9) are bursting with flavor, and we will 100% order this time and time again. The Grilled Asparagus ($9) is also a wonderful, green pairing to work in between bites of steak or seafood, whichever you choose.

With our sweet tooths, dessert is often our favorite part of the meal, and what we had at BV’s Grill was completely (beyond) satisfying. Between the Coconut Layer Cake ($10) and 21 Layer Crepe Cake ($10), we got to sample the intense flavor and unique texture. We admit the Coconut Layer Cake was so good that we were thinking about eating it for breakfast the next day too – it’s an ultra-moist cake that is reminiscent of the style of a tres leches cake, but instead of being soaked in just milk, it has absorbed a divine, creamy coconut flavor. Even if you’re not typically a fan of coconut, this is a must-try item.

The texture of the 21 Layer Crepe Cake ($10) was unlike any dessert we’ve had, with layer upon layer of perfectly thin crepes piled on top one another to create the “cake.” Lightly buttered and topped with fresh strawberry compote – can’t really go wrong here.

BV’s Grill is located at 919 3rd Avenue (at 56th Street), New York, NY 10022. Call 212-753-2874 for reservations.

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