July 21, 2018

Hot! Heidi Klum 2010 Halloween Costume Revealed

My BFF Heidi (as in Heidi Klum) is one crazy gal. For years, Heidi, has shown her love for Halloween by having the most over-the-top costumes and Halloween parties. In the past-the former Victoria Secret angel, has dressed as a crow, a forbidden apple, a Hindu goddess, Betty Boop, a Vampire and that’s just a few of her crazy ensembles. Unlike previous years when Heidi kept her decision a secret until the big reveal, this year the Halloween Diva, offered everyone a sneak peek at her selection (No copying). So, what’s her choice? Drum-roll– A Superhero, a top some massive shoes. I told you she was crazy.

This year party is scheduled to happen at new Hotspot, LAVO.  Now did someone tell Heidi about the steps in LAVO? I would be since are more like freenemies (once again my invitation has been lost), I am going to keep that secret to myself.

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