February 9, 2023
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Hot! Gallery All About the Beauty Subscription Your Skin REALLY Needs


Of late, we’ve been obsessing over sheet masks as an effective way to give skin some TLC while enjoying some “me time” in the process. Enter: Florapy Floral Therapy Facial Sheet Masks. We’ve been working our way through the 8 pack collection, which includes one of each of Florapy’s specialty masks.

First, the packaging is genius — color-coded and ingredient-focused, each mask clearly describes the essential oils used in relation to treating certain skin concerns. Inside, the fibers of each mask are derived from coconuts, allowing the masks to hold 20x their own weight in water. At $7-8 per mask, it’s a simple way to supplement an existing skincare regimen with extra hydration benefits. The formulas are gentle enough to use 1-3 times per week. And then there are the results — it only takes one use to feel a difference in how much more hydrated and soft skin can be.

Customers can purchase the sheet masks individually, as 5 packs (containing the same type of mask), or the variety 8 packs. What’s more – there’s also the option to choose a subscription model where any of the above quantities are delivered every 1 or 2 months.

Our personal favorites include using the Blackberry Primrose – Deep Hydration Mask whenever we’re traveling – especially after a flight, it coats skin in a cool hydration and leaves it feeling supple; we like to use it right before going to sleep. On the contrary, we prefer to use the Jasmine Peppermint – Detox Mask on those weekend mornings when we need a little boost in energy; the peppermint helps to awake the skin and our senses.

Tip: The masks are dripping in moisture so much so that there’s often excess remaining in the pouch – use it to nourish the delicate skin on the back of hands right before bed or layer on as a serum the next day before applying your daytime SPF.

The Floral Therapy Sheet Mask Collection (8 pack – $56.00) includes the following masks:

  • Jasmine Peppermint – Detox Mask
  • Chamomile Patchouli – Stress Relief Mask
  • Arnica Rose – Strength + Energy Mask
  • Calendula Sage – Anti-Aging Mask
  • Sunflower Lemon – Even Skin Tone Mask
  • Blackberry Primrose – Deep Hydration Mask
  • Dandelion Lemongrass – Clear Complexion Mask
  • Yarrow Lavender – Sweet Dreams Mask
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