February 27, 2021

Hot! L.L. Bean Signature Collection Party

L.L. Bean is launching a new line the – L.L. Bean Signature Collection.  According to Chris Vickers, Vice President of L.L. Bean Signature,  “L.L. Bean Signature will take the best of Bean and re-interpret it in a fresh new way.”  Curious to see the newest additions, I made my way over to The Hosfelt Gallery and previewed the latest designs. Signature is classic and versatile. Better yet, the array of fine fabrics and thoughtful color scheme meet the fashion needs of just about any age group.

I was not the only one who spied on L.L. Bean.  It appeared thatAnderson Cooper aka ‘The Silver Fox ‘ also shared my interest in the new Bean.  I spotted him front and center on the showroom floor.  (And may I saythat Mr. Cooper is a hot looking man!) He’ll work L.L. Bean Signature clothes on and off camera.

See for yourself.  Look at the pictures below.


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  1. I haven’t bought LL Bean clothes in over ten years. I was battling the frigid winters in Ithaca, NY then. Despite the time lapse, I was pleased with the clothing and the customer service.

    This new collection is a ‘street’ friendly version–a bit more Gap meets Jcrew meets Ann Taylor Loft rather than woods, rivers, and trails, Oh my!

    I like that pink see through sleeveless blouse and the blue dress with white bird like print. Casual and comfy.