June 6, 2023

Hot! Hot Beauty Buy: Kevin Aucoin’s The Essential Mascara

The essential Mascara

I don’t mean to brag I have naturally long lashes. Still, I am always on the lookout for a mascara that will give them a fuller look and that will accentuate them. I don’t often have luck. So, I tend to stick mascaras that have been good to me but every so often I get the urge to explore and try something new. I took the plunge and tried Kevin Aucoin’s The Essential Mascara and its slowly becoming one of my favorites. It doesn’t clump on me. It doesn’t irritate my eyes (which happens to me with some mascara). It also gives me noticeable volume yet it looks natural. So I don’t feel or look like a drag queen because as much I love them its not a look that I find appropriate for everyday jaunts.  I just love the way it feels and looks on me. I am sure you will too.


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