June 7, 2023

Hot! Say What? Blitz Facial Bar Opens First US Outpost in This Brooklyn ‘Hood (& and Its not Bushwick)


Living in Brooklyn has it perks; there’s a separation between work (aka Manhattan) and “home.” Skyscrapers are non-existent, instead the borough is filled with small buildings offering a sense of community.  The environment (at least for me) creates a friendly atmosphere where neighbors will gladly help you out in a jam. However, for all its comfort, access to premium beauty services, such as fancy spas are scarce. Instead, people like me are essentially forced to Manhattan to access services offered by these types of companies. Luckily, as neighborhoods like Williamsburg, Bushwick, and Dumbo attract an increasing number of freelancers who rather stay locally, companies are responding to the demand.

Blitz Facial Bar is such a company. Their concept is simple: offer full service facial treatments for busy people on the go with the feel of a neighborhood jaunt. Created by sister-entrepreneurs, Laura and Rena Polley, Blitz Facial Bar, opened its doors late last month in Park Slope, this “is an ideal neighborhood for us as we strive to offer locals a convenient option for their facials and other skin care needs,” explained Laura Polley.

The bar offers denizens five facial treatment options ranging from 30 – 60 minutes. Options include a “starter” facial– the 30-minute Blitz + Glow ($60) and The Works ($130), ideal for those who really want to give the skin a much needed boost, it combines the Blitz + Glow with extraction, microdermabrasion and a facial lymphatic massage for a great deep cleanse or seasonal treatment. Moreover, guests can customize facials  by including “booster” treatment options (ranging in price between $15 and $35)– such as Deep moisturizing masks, cold jade roller, laser spot treatment for acne, and even beard oil treatments for men.

Blitz Facial Bar (184 5th Avenue) also boasts an exclusive line of proprietary skincare products, containing pure essential oils with ingredients derived from natural sources, to help cleanse, nourish and hydrate the skin, ranging in price from $22 to $85. The product line includes Retinol Advanced Night Cream ($85), Vitamin C Day Repair ($80), Clay Mask ($30) among other cleansing and moisturizing essentials.  

If you’re around do stop in and say hello, get a facial and trust you’ll see glowing skin a few days later.  


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