October 27, 2020

Hot! Zorz Manhattan Studio Launch Party

A small crowd gather to celebrate the man of the hour Ed Hafizov as he celebrated the launch of the Manhattan studio along with his wife, partners and other excited guests.  Upon arriving at the party I was asked whether I wanted a drink and of course the answer  I answered was yes(it was Friday after all) and was immediately told my options Vodka straight as they were no mixers and Wine. I opted for the wine and quickly realized that I was in for a good time.  I mean Vodka straight? Its the Russian way and I would be a good observer.

During the party guests most of whom were formers clients had the opportunity to party and enjoy photographs by the said the photographers.  At one point the man of the hour stopped the party to review some of his recent work with the ACTUAL clients.  It was quite amazing to listen to the stories of how many of the pictures came to be.  One couple won the opportunity to have their picture taken with Ed and were freezing at having their picture taken in a boat with rain but the results were worth it.  Another couple had risque pictures taken by the photographer with the fiance going commando for them.  Now, these I wanted to see but they were not present. I wonder why that it is?  Hmmm…  You can see some of this work by clicking here.

If that wasn’t enough we were also treated to a performance by a belly dancer who according to the whispers is schedule to make an appearance in the Sex and the City movie.  She had the crowd in a trance as she demonstrated all her impressive skills and dance moves.  I found myself thinking that I could do it too but sadly I can’t.

A good time was had with drinks, food, performance and of course plenty of pictures.  I suggest looking into them if you are looking to create valuable momentos for your special day or create a special day.  Based on the pictures I saw Ed is an amazing photographer.

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  1. I love this photo. It reminds me of me and my friends. This party seemed to be intimate. I’m signing up for Zorz mailing list. See you at the next party! XOXO, Sonja