June 2, 2023

Hot! A Lab Grows in Brooklyn…


And not just any kind of “lab”, we are talking a unique spaced designed for creatives and entrepreneurs.  The New Lab, the first-of-its-kind space, was created to serve the needs of the growing group of individual workers who lacked the resources to fully create in one centralized space. Essentially the 84,000 square feet space, located in the historic Brooklyn Navy Yard Building 128, serves as a destination were a melange of self-starters can see their ideas come to life in one space.

Currently, the New Lab, 128 houses about 230 individual people from over 40 growth-stage companies and will grow to 300 by the end of October using a unique “ecosystem” of shared resources across many technology related fields that fosters creativity. It also include high-ceilings, spacious working space, beautiful decor, access to food on site and many more impressive resources that makes this a great destination to create.

Ultimately once filled the founders hope the space (there are 400 working spots available) will see workers from over 50 independent companies. Spots are still open but interested parties must be approved to use the unique interdisciplinary space as membership is determined through an application process. Interested parties are invited to apply on New Lab’s website.


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