June 7, 2023

Hot! T.J. Maxx Is Helping Everyday Women Embrace their Awesomeness


How likely are you to offer a woman a compliment on her achievements? Very Likely, I am sure. Now, how likely are you to laud your accomplishments? Changes are the answer is no. In fact, according to survey, conducted by T.J. Maxx, only 19% of them would say they are remarkable and more than half of women feel their accomplishment are not big enough to warrant recognition. That’s incredibly sad. When you take a moment to re-evaluate your daily activities chances are, you are you doing remarkable things that positively affect the people around you. Working women are changing the landscape and that’s making a huge impact on the younger crop of women.

T.J. Maxx, a haven for bargain shoppers, is launching a new initiatives to encourage woman to unashamedly laud their achievements. The retailer launched a new campaign recognizing the remarkable things women do every day, big and small. To help bring this to life, T.J.Maxx has partnered with lifestyle expert Ayesha Curry, parenting blogger Ilana Wiles and entrepreneur Leah Busque to create The Maxximizers – a group of women who utilize their smarts and resourcefulness to get the most out of life every day and inspire other women to do the same. These remarkable mothers and entrepreneurs were curated by TJ Maxx to share insights to help other women very much like themselves lead a more efficient life. As part of the program each lady created a  custom shop featuring must-have merchandise that helps them maximize their life.

Here’s a link to the individual shops


Ayesha Curry’s Personalized Shop

87bed07d-3502-4a2e-ab0a-ead7666d739b.HRIlana Wiles Personalized Shop


Leah Busque Personalized Shop

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