May 18, 2022
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Hot! Cheekies: A Sneak Peek into the Underwear Drawer

Like any kind of clothing, trends in fashion come and go, but there’s one item of underwear that women can’t seem to get enough of. These delicate garments are sexy, comfy, flattering to the nth degree, and, perhaps, one of the best-designed panties ever. We’re talking about the flirty and oh so feminine cheekies.

The Cheeky Construction

Whoever invented cheekies was brilliant, and we’re guessing it was a woman because this must-have panty makes women of all shapes and sizes look curvy and with an incredible behind or rear view.

Think about it. Cheekies are designed with a higher cut to expose the curvy lower parts of your cheeks, so to speak. They are not thongs, though; they’re a bit more discreet and still give coverage to your behind.

Even Kim K Loves Cheekies

She’s probably the most famous reality TV star on the planet with a rear view just as well-known, and Kim Kardashian West is hot on the trend. The sensual, social media influencer established her own line of undies called SKIMS, and she offers cheekies for hipsters and wears them herself.

Women everywhere are concerned about how their panties look under clothing, and when your panties offer that amazing stretch and comfort, that is exactly what you need. Celebrities aren’t the only ladies looking for the ultimate underwear.

Bye-Bye, VPLs. Hello, Smoothie

VPLs (or visible panty lines) are one fashion faux pas that most women wouldn’t want to be caught dead with. In other words, it matters how your underwear is constructed and designed because it is the true foundation of your ensemble.

When people can see where your panty-line begins and ends, it ruins an outfit. Cheekies avoid VPLs–but in a very good way. The excellent cut of the underwear exposes just enough of your cheeks and looks seamless under jeans, shorts, skirts, dresses, leggings, and more.

It’s all about moderate coverage in a soft, smooth fabric.

Boosting Confidence and Coverage

Let’s be honest. When it comes to women’s underwear, you have incredible options, and it all depends on what you prefer. We all have unique figures and body types, and that’s what makes us unique and beautiful.

In the end, you want a pair of panties that can make it through the day, whether you’re at school, work, at an important public event, hanging out, etc. You don’t want something that doesn’t feel comfy or has a waistband that digs into your hips. When it fits right and stays in place, and you barely know it’s on, then your underwear can boost your confidence from head to toe.

Cheekies are Faves

Most women have a variety of panties in their underwear drawers, and each one serves a purpose. For example, the thong is the panty with the most minimal fabrication. It never shows up under clothing.

However, the thong puts your rear view all out there with barely any coverage, except on your hips.

For those looking for a bit more modesty, a high brief will deliver that full coverage you’re seeking and extra support. Some call these “granny panties,” but they still come in handy for those slimming lines.

The bikini is a classic that is usually defined by a lower rise on the hip with a higher cut on the legs. It looks fabulous with just about any outfit, but your rear end is also covered up.

Cheekies are the modern-day bikini panties with its playful exposure of your lower cheeks. They’re also seamless; they hide every line and allow every figure to look better.

Like the bikini, cheekies are a wonderful everyday option when looking for panties.

Think Fashion and Function

Whatever new panties you decide to collect for your wardrobe, remember that it’s okay to be picky about the fabric and fit, the color and pattern, the cut, and how it flatters your figure.

Look at it this way: You’re wearing it every day, so you better make sure that your undies are the most comfortable garments you own.

When you have on the right pair of panties, you can take on the world.

Bottoms up, everyone!

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