October 17, 2019

Hot! Changing of the Guard:Honey Magazine Launch Party

Have you heard Honey Magazine is back in business? Yes, really and for quite some time thank you very much! If you were disappointed when the magazine closed shop a few years ago, like I was you are in luck because its finally back and of course a party was in order.  The magazine has been in limbo for months and with their internet site online for several months.  So to celebrate the magazine held a party for a few invited guests, friends, and supporters.

The party drew some of the most fashionable and informed folks to a night of drinking and partying.  Some guests had their stuff bedazzled. I bedazzled nothing as I forgot to bring something for the cause and I am still really upset about it. Do you know how upsetting that is? I could have had a shiny looking sneakers right now as I speak.

Click below to see pictures from the event.


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