July 20, 2018

Hot! Kensie Jewelry Spring 2013 Will Make You Crave Sorbet and Spring

Our recent visit to the Kensie jewelry showroom proved such fun! We were impressed by the pieces in the spring 2013 line, which consist of spring jewelry items in colors reminiscent of sorbet and a vibrant spring — it is a collection of sexy items sure to pair well with your wardrobe in the coming season.

“Our spring market is all about fun metals, colors, and pieces that look great layered with different items that you already own, or just easy pieces that are great to wear by themselves,” said Erin Cornell, designer for the line.

We were already a fan of the Kensie brand, and items in previous seasons consisted of sexy, edgy, versatile pieces in leather and metal in neutral colors. We’ve even spotted a couple of choice pieces on some male fashion enthusiasts – they looked amazing. The spring line successfully incorporates the edgy and sexy style that we are used to from the Kensie brand with feminine, colorful elements that round out a very balanced, bright, collection for the carefree and stylish woman.

“There are a lot of softened shapes for looking fashion forward. It’s easy for any girl walking into Macy’s to connect with the brand and find something that she likes that she looks great in,” Cornell said.

We agree, so we are excited about the release of this new spring line, which will be found at Macy’s and Lord and Taylor department stores.


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Melanie Meadows

Associate Editor for The Fabulous Report. Freelance Grantwriter.

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