February 26, 2021

Hot! Spa Castle Review

Spa Castle Spa Castle Spa Castle- that is what my girlfriends and I, chanted and sang on the way to Spa Castle on the FREE shuttle bus. Now, I am assuming a lot of you Fabulous New Yorkers have never heard of this well keep secret- But don’t worry I am here to spread the word. Spa Castle is a relaxing oasis in Flushing, Queens. When you arrive you are greeted with smile, a spa castle outfit (and tooth brush). In the locker rooms there are plush leather sofas, several saunas, an all nude bathing area with water jets – the temperatures vary from very hot, to warm, to very chilly. It is soooo relaxing to be completely free 😉 And, did I mention it only cost $35/45 for an ALL DAY ACCESS pass?

spa castle

This relaxing oasis is a great to go with your significant other, friends, alone or with your children if you can’t find a sitter. Whoever said children don’t need relaxation too. The facility exudes relaxation from the moment you step foot in the locker rooms till………need to include that.. I’ll try not to be too descriptive and I’ll allow you fill in the blanks after your first visit. Yes, I said first because you will come back after. You will be hooked.


Spa Castle features:
Marble Heated Floors
Seven Therapeutic Saunas (Including an Ice Sauna)
Fitness Center
Aqua Bar
Kiddie Pool
Rooftop with Water Jet Pools
Private Massage Rooms
Food Court
Add So Much More

Let all your troubles, fears, stresses melt away and have a day of bliss. Spa Castle Spa Castle Spa Castle

Fashion Week is over and now it is time for pure Self Indulgence, Luxury &Relaxation!


Brought To You By~Maisha A L Dang


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