February 18, 2019

Hot! Gallery 6 Things We Learned From NYFW

We picked up a thing or two this season during NYFW’s showings of the Spring/Summer 2017 collections… but the ones we’re about to share with you have nothing to do with the clothes.

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Chatbooks can turn all your street style looks (either your own or the ones you shot for inspiration) into one, beautifully curated lookbook.

Why didn’t we think of this earlier?! When we joined the Chatbooks team in Utah for a weekend this summer to live out the mantra of making memories and holding on to what matters with the power of photos, we instantly fell in love with the concept of making photobooks a routine thing.
Chatbooks is a digital photo book printing company and app that makes it incredibly easy to sync your Instagram photos and print a series of your photos (#OOTD included) into a 6x6 inch book.

Each book costs $8 (includes 60 pages and free shipping), but having a physical copy of your fav photos is kinda priceless. If you’re a regular attendee or follower of all things NYFW, this could be an artsy way to keep track of your favorite trends and scenes each season.

Stay hydrated – seriously.

Running (sometimes literally running, or Citibike-ing) from show to show sometimes doesn’t leave time in between to grab some good old H2O. Coincidentally this season when we noticed the bins on bins of sponsored Aquafina (and what used to be Smartwater) water bottles weren’t around anymore, we brought along our trusty Thermos Connected Hydration Bottle with Smart Lid instead.

This goes for always, not just NYFW (although the heat in September can still be particularly brutal – a man passed out right before our eyes at a concert we went to just a few days prior to NYFW), but hydration is key to a healthy body and beautiful skin. This smart bottle pairs with a smartphone app that tracks your H2O intake automatically, down to offering details like water temperature and number of sips you’ve taken in the past hour.

Our favorite thing is that it makes it easy to set a goal for how much water you need to drink in a day, and track your progress. Of course, it only logs the liquids you drink out of this physical bottle but it’s a start; we’ve definitely been more conscious of drinking water now more than ever.

$59.99 at Bed Bath and Beyond, Target, and Amazon (Prime eligible)

One of our favorite Instagram video creators and stop motion artists now makes iOS stickers. (!!!)

Time to up your iMessage game. Rachel Ryle has been named a #1 Instagram account to follow by MTV and Buzzfeed- NBD. But really – just one glimpse into the select work she posts to Insta and you’ll understand why. From pop-culture inspired sketches playing out before your eyes and whimsical movements of our favorite everyday lifestyle scenes, Ryle’s creations are delightfully uplifting. During NYFW, she announced her collection of iOS stickers (note: you’ll need iOS 10 to use these) which include 4 packs of stickers that altogether, include 45 illustrations. Out of those, 20 are animated in true Ryle style.

Each pack has a different theme – there’s one dedicated to coffee lovers, one in ode to the beauty of #brunch, and one all about cocktails (all things we adore, naturally). Perhaps best of all, she’s offering a free preview pack. Click here to download.

Remember to Stop, Breathe & Think.

Meditation is becoming more and more popular. People are stressed for a multitude of reasons (even “fun/glamourous/insert adjective here” activities like attending Fashion Week can be stressful), and sometimes other outlets like working out or using those trendy coloring books aren’t quite enough. The app Stop, Breathe & Think is great for beginners, providing step by step guides on learning to meditate and a list of different types of meditation exercises that focus on teaching the mastery of mindfulness.

The app also charts your progress as you use it- based on the types of meditations you practice and the duration of time you devote to each. You can choose the “Mindful Breathing” exercise, for instance, and designate if you’ll be practicing it for 3, 5, or 10 minutes.

The #InstagramHusband is alive and well thanks to TaskRabbit.

You don’t have to have FOMO just because your actual S.O. isn’t up to the task of being your personal photographer. TaskRabbit has become ubiquitous with making household and everyday errands that much easier with access to “taskers” with a few clicks of a button. But did you ever realize that among the pool of taskers available, there had to also be those with a photographic eye out there at your disposal?

#InstagramHusband for hire thanks to TaskRabbit was easily showcased through the lens (ha ha) of NYFW. How genius is this idea???

Your feet are going to hurt.

The truth is—as in vogue as sneakers have become— when NYFW rolls around, you’re sure to spot peeps in sky high stilettos and styles that just scream “my feet are going to pay for this later,” and if you happen to catch them attempting to walk on a cobblestone street, it’s quite a show.

Fashion Week is what it is, and some of us submit ourselves to the temporary pain in a commitment to look good. On most days we were out and about for NYFW, we chose our trusty Kenneth Cole flatform sandals because DISCLAIMER: these are one of the most comfortable pair of shoes we’ve ever purchased (and if you’re a size 7.5, they are on sale now so go go go get ‘em and thank us later). Even then, the hours of standing/walking/running around left our feet with a mild ache at the end of the day.

For temporary relief, we turned to Dr. Teal’s Pre & Post Workout Pain Relief Cream. Combining pure Epsom salt and menthol, the cream is great for soothing sore muscles and joints. Before bed, we massaged it into the pain points on our feet and found the tingly sensation from the menthol was an immediate source of relief.

$7.50 on Amazon (Prime eligible)

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