April 18, 2021
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Hot! Dora Abodi Spring 2011 at Nolcha Fashion Week

The ninth annual Nolcha Fashion Week, held simultaneously during the Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week, showcased top-tier designers from around the world on September 13 and 14. Hungarian designer Dora Abodi showcased her Spring/Summer 2011 Collection, each look gaining oohs and ahhs from the crowd.

Abodi’s, collection is unlike anything I have ever seen.  All the details are intricate and incredibly unique. Each look is like a perfectly crafted, wearable storybook costume with a fairytale innocence and a rebellious edge. Not only does she design clothing, but also shoes and accessories.

The Spring/Summer 2011 Collection was eclectic and no two items were similar. It was as if each look told it’s own story and the stories somehow combine to create an adventure. Each and every look was epic, but my favorite was the nude corset with a cherry red skirt. The color combination works so well together, and the vibrancy of the red really makes the outfit pop. A red pump with a nude ruffled heel was a pleasant deviant to the typical high heel. Abodi even takes the ruffle look further with a fully ruffled shoe, yes, the entire shoe is made of ruffles. Quite a statement piece.

The models donned edgy, high buns accessorized with a cutesy ruffle. The adorable frilly socks added to the fairytale feel, but did not take away from the defiant nature of the collection.

Abodi takes an ethical approach to fashion, steering away from environmental and labor exploitation. She often uses textiles made from recycled materials, such as tulle produced from recycled PET glasses.

Abodi looks at her world as “an inexhaustible thesaurus of inspirations” drawing from literature, old tales, comics, music, science-fiction, contemporary fine arts and interesting meetings and travels. Her talent of drawing these inspirations together is what makes her an impeccable designer. After seeing her collection, I just cannot get enough of Dora Abodi’s world.

-Danika Daly

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Danika Daly

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