February 1, 2023
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Hot! Best Party Favors for a Bachelorette Party

Bachelorette parties can provide a lifetime of memories for all involved. The memories are great, but it is always fun to get something physical that commemorates the event. The party favors can go along with a theme, or they can just be gifts from the heart that attendees will enjoy after the party. Whatever they are, they provide a connection between all those involved in the special event.

Relaxation Spa Gifts
Give your attendees something they can enjoy in the future. Spa goodies that include beautifully scented candles, hydrating lotions and facial sprays and masks. Maybe even add some herbals teas like you might find at a real spa.

Happy Hour Gifts
Happy hour kits can include anything that is needed during happy hour. Perhaps a cutting board, measuring shot glasses and hand juicers could be options. Finish it off with some recipes for some amazing specialty drinks. You can even go so far as to add various ingredients that are needed for some of the recipes. This way, your bridesmaids can enjoy these drinks at home.

Hangover Kits
What could be a more useful gift after a bachelorette party than an effective hangover kit? Provide a hangover recovery kit for all guests. Fill the kit with helpful items such as painkillers, bottled water, gum/mints, antacids and some sort of hangover supplement. It will provide some form of recovery after the fun of the evening.

Tropical Beach Bags
If you are having a bachelorette party in a tropical location, create a wonderful beach bag with a guest name on it. Fill the bag with things that would be useful on the trip, such as sandals, a beach towel and suntan lotion. It will help set the mood for the excitement of the trip.

Scented Candle

A scented candle gift basket is always a welcome gift. Pick several candles for each guest that takes into account their personal tastes and styles. Provide a beautiful candle stands if they are not already in jars. They can enjoy these for quite a long time to come.

Self-Care Kits
What a great thing to gift to your guests. Everyone enjoys things that make them feel good. Essential oils, chocolates, and body oils are always welcomed by those who receive them. Think of other items that also bring enjoyment and add them to the kit.

Favorite Things
Provide a gift that is perhaps a little more personal with regards to you. What are some of your favorite things? Perhaps you have a favorite powdered drink or a favorite body spray. Maybe you have some other beauty products that you know your friends are not familiar with. The choices are endless. Put these ideas together in one box and give your friends something of yourself especially for them.

Acrylic Monogrammed Handbags
Provide Acrylic monogrammed handbags that your guests can use while you all go out for the evening. They can then be used later during the big day as a place to put their wedding day accessories.

Wine Gift Sets
Provide a gift set that includes wine specifically picked out for each guest. Include a couple of wine glasses. You could even include some gourmet cheese and crackers to finish out the gift.

Whatever you choose to do, make it a gift from your heart. Show your bridesmaids how special they are to you and why you want them to take part in such an important day in your life.

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