June 1, 2023

Hot! Beautiful Hair Designs For The Boho Inspired Bride


The boho inspired bride is a blossoming trend in the world of weddings. She is the relaxed, naturally beautiful bride who walks down the aisle to an unconventional tune and can think of nothing worse than an up do firmly held in place by hairspray.

She is the bride who only wants a vintage rock on her finger, such as one of these beautiful rings, and believes that flower crowns are a better look than a veil any day. With that in mind, and if you think you might be a boho bride, then take a look at these seven beautiful hair designs

The boho crown

Every bride wants to feel like a queen for the day, right? This style requires a thick braid, which circles the crown of the head and has strands of hair teased up to create a messier look. You can also work some small flowers within the braid to really hit the boho bride theme on the head (see what we did there?)

The loose boho

If you really want to get back to your hippie chic/bohemian roots then simply wearing your hair loose and messy is one of the easiest ways to bring some boho inspiration into your wedding day look. Spritz some salt spray onto the ends or hairspray on your hands and scrunch hair to create natural looking curls and waves.

The boho plait

A simple plait, worked into a loose hairstyle, is an easy way of tying in the boho theme. Pin the plaits back to create a pretty band around the head and work some loose waves into your hair using a curling wand, and some salt spray to give the look more texture. The boho bride doesn’t care about her hair looking smooth – she wants it to appear natural, wild and fun.

The floral boho

Floral crowns are always beautiful and can be worn with hair fastened up or down. You can be as bold or as minimalistic as you like when it comes to using a floral crown and could even get creative and craft your own out of artificial flowers, wire and florist tape. Here is an excellent tutorial to take a look at if you fancy having a go yourself.

The boho headpiece

No boho bride’s hair would be complete without a pretty, delicate headpiece draped over the crown of the head and featuring a cute forehead-gracing feature. As a boho bride it’s imperative that you choose a design that features dainty pearls, diamante flowers and perhaps some more unusual crystals or gems. Etsy has some gorgeous designs to choose from.

The boho bun

A low bun is classically cool when it comes to bridal hair; wear yours loose and messy with perhaps a braid or two interwoven into the bun itself. Add some gypsophila to the side and you’re done!

The half up, half down boho

Boho brides prefer a messier look and nothing says cool like a half up, half down hair style featuring lots of loose hair, pulled down around the face and back of the neck, complemented by a cute bun or even an unconventional ponytail.


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