June 6, 2023

Hot! Don’t be Tardy to Tardy: Wear Baume & Mercier Linea 10036 Instead

I have a penchant for tardiness. I blame it on my Central American upbringing where people seem to have an almost lackadaisical view on time. Try asking a local about the arrival time of a boat to take you to another town: the answer might go something like this “Why the rush? The boat will get here when it gets here. Relax!”  And, so you do, even though people might be waiting for you. Now while this might work in an island environment, in New York not so much; and in the context of fashion a late arrival can mean missing an important show where your spirit animal might be in attendace. Time is money as they say!  As a result keeping of track of time is important. Luckily, for me this fashion week, my time keeper of choice was not only functional but also so stylish.

The wonderful people at Baume-et-Mercier must have heard my whispers to keep me on time (and for a fabulous birthday wish) and gifted me with the Linea 10036 model ($1,935). This über slick steel watch which comes in the most amazing packing watch features a slew of fancy details. It has incredible craftsmanship, it has polished/satin-finished, is water resistant up to 50 meters (which might come in handy shall you spill champagne), and our favorite the straps are interchangeable.

While it is a bit costly, the changing straps does extend the life and look of the watch. Now, that’s value. Besides, with so many colors and styles to choose from one can easily update the watch and be the envy of friends.

**While, I received the watch as a gift, the opinions expressed are my own and were in not written in conjunction with the Baume-et-Mercier team.**

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