March 3, 2021

Hot! Fashion Week Recap: Day Fourth

So, I am little late in posting my fourth day review.  Yesterday, the tents were a mess.  A mess. I  started my day at the Tony Maticeski show which was interesting experience. The collection sort of reminding of a dark movie that isn’t scary but is interesting.  The collection contained mostly red carpet worthy looks that honestly would take a strong person to wear. Flowers dangling and the likes. That said the collection overall is very unique.

I then attended the Oral-B fashion show to introduce new designers.  Access Hollywood host Maria Menounos walked the runway and Chris Noth and his baby mama sat in the front row along with the cast of “The Realhousewife of New Jersey” except for Danielle Staub  because you know they don’t like her. I am just telling it like it is.  And, that’s all I will say about it. Oh, I and the fact that I could have seen Thuy instead.

I then followed my way to the tents to see the Rebecca Taylor but to no success. The situation was a mess. A mess.  And, the same thing happened As Custo Barcelona and I was actually really looking forward to seeing that show. So, I was disappointed that I was unable to see the show. I did see 14 African American models so I applaud him for going in the right direction in hiring more girls of colors.

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  1. I feel like I was with you in the tents. Thanks for all the recaps. I miss NYC and you help me feel connected to Fabulous Life again. Keep it coming! ! Sussie