June 1, 2023

Hot! #NYFW: 60 Seconds With Son Jung Wan

Son Jung Wan HeadshotIn addition to the Spring 2014 designer inspiration sketches, we’re also bringing back our “60 Seconds” Q&A with today’s design stars. This Fashion Week, get to know a little more about designer Son Jung Wan.

The Fabulous Report (TFR): What is your inspiration for spring/summer 2014?

Son Jung Wan (SJW): The mysterious cities of Morocco.

 TFR: Did you go anywhere fun this summer?

SJW: I went to the Haeundae beach in Busan, Korea. It was a relaxing trip; the beaches are gorgeous, the sun is bright and the breeze feels wonderful.

TFR: Speaking of summer, what has been your favorite song this summer?

SJW: I really like “Truly Alive” by Mitzi.

TFR: Since back to school season is starting. Let’s talk about that. Do you remember your favorite first day of school outfit? If so what did you wear?

SJW: I do remember the first day of school. I wore baggy pants with a white collared shirt tucked in and a leather belt. I definitely thought I looked cool!

TFR: Looking forward to the return of any shows?

SJW: I am looking forward to my show on Saturday! We are expanding the brand in South Korea so I won’t be in NYC for long this season and won’t be able to see any other shows.

TFR: Lastly, what’s your favorite cocktail?

SJW: Asian peach is my favorite cocktail.

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