July 23, 2018

Hot! Cynthia Rowley Spring/Summer 2011

Cynthia Rowley is not afraid to do the unexpected. She even recently partnered with Band-Aids to design a line to fashionably adorn scrapes and boo-boos. And, she won’t be needing her band-aids because she did not make a single boo-boo in the debut of her Spring/Summer 2011 Collection.

The star-studded audience which included Rebecca Romjin, Nigel Barker and Lauren Bush, watched as Rowley showcased a whimsical, flirty, pretty, Spring 2011 collection in Lincoln Center.

Rowley’s quirky genius shone through in each carefully crafted piece of her collection. Circles were an apparent theme previewed in her circular grid-like evite for the show. Several looks were carved with circles in patterns on dresses, skirts and blouses. It was almost as fun as playing with a humongous hole puncher. Other looks were ornamented with glossy, bold buttons on dresses, skirts and pants.

The colors of the collection varied from grays and neutrals with bright pops of color such as reds, oranges and yellows. A personal favorite was the color-banded silk dress. The audience wowed at the knee-length gray dress with a grid of punched holes from the neckline to the midriff.

A quick transition to blacks was the climax of the collection, where “cutesy” mated with edgy, and the daring designs took the stage. Kaleidoscopic prints created an Aztec-inspired look. Sex appeal was interjected into structured shapes, such as the “invisible” sweater with transparent stripes.

Bold accessories gave more prominence to the collection. Tight side buns were accentuated with oversized, bold clips giving a pop art feel. Necklaces of interesting shapes added to Rowley’s simpler designs, though none of the designs were truly simple.

The extravagance did not end there. Rowley’s set was from the archives of the New York City Ballet productions of Peter Martins, “Romeo + Juliet” and “Swan Lake”, both performed at the Lincoln Center.

As a thank you gift each guest received a box of the Cynthia Rowley Band-Aids.



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Danika Daly

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