March 9, 2021

Hot! Nine Must See Shows For SS10 Fashion Week


Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week has officially starts today(09-09-09) the best day in my humble opinion.  Anyways yes its that time again- I know crazy! So, now you are wondering with so many shows, which are the must see.  As it turns, you are in luck. Why, you ask? Well,  because I narrowed down the list to make your life that much easier because that’s just the kind of girl that I am.  Thank You Very Much.  Now, if you are thinking Zac Posen, Marc Jacobs, or DVF, or the likes made my list-Nope they did not; that’s for Anna Wintour. Instead, I decided to focus on shows that are more accessible yet equally exciting.

Below are the shows that in my opinion are a must. They are in no particular order. I am like a mom, I don’t want to choose a favorite (But I do have one). So, I won’t but I could be persuaded to name one for the right price or incentive trust me I am easy it won’t take a lot.  Ok, so maybe I am not like a mom– oops! Well, you get the idea.

cynthia Rowley

Cynthia Rowley – Her Fall 2009 collection was reminiscent (at least to me) of a Georges-Pierre Seurat painting. And, Seurat happens to be one of my favorite painters. Her use black color fabrics infused with with fun and interesting prints is really exciting. I can’t wait to see what she has up her sleeve for this collection.


Christian Siriano – During his stint on Project Runway, I must admit that I wasn’t his biggest fan.   My heart belong to someone else but I had the opportunity to attend his show last year.  And, I was BLOWN away. I seriously loved it and it was one of my favorite that season.  It had tons of drama and no hot tranny mess for him.


Custo Barcelona – Exhibit A dress above.  Strangely enough today I was walking and stop by this window display because the clothes were gorgeous and what do you know it was Custo Barcelona.  I am excited to see what’s next.


Milly by Michelle Smith – I don’t think you can go wrong with any piece from this collection.  I sat in the tents and I honestly loved EVERY piece and wanted to buy it all.  Her collection is very girly yet practical.  During these tough times that’s something to smile about.


Cesar Galindo – Look for this designer to do big things.  TRUST me!  If his collections is anything like the fall expect a burst of color mix with traditional color.  A black dress for instance will have a bright pink lining, giving it that something special that “traditional clothes” lack.  Boy  and there’s DRAMA.   His show is also the same night as Fashion Night Out.


Leanne Marshall – Yes, I know another project runway alumni but she deserves to be here.  She after all also won Project Runway so I want to see what she has hiding in her sewing machine.  Besides don’t you just love this dress?


G-Star – Its hard to image that a show and collection(Fall 2009) with very little color (as in the pieces where either black, white or gray) and I love love color to be so exciting for me but G-Star was.  There was a concert pianist, the longest runway that truly felt like the great wall of China and Benecifio Del Toro all in tiny little show.  To say this show felt like a Broadway production is understatement.  So, I want to see how they will try to top it this year.

she by Sheree

She By Sheree –  Well this technically not a show but a presentation but don’t ask me why I think this is a must see because I can’t quite explain it myself.  Its not like I am a fan of the  Real Housewife of Atlanta. I seen the show exactly ONE time.  Maybe its her seven figures settlement? I guess I want to see whether its was money well spent. I kid. Lets see what she can she can do.


THISDAY/Arise Magazine African American Collective. Grace Jones walked the runway at the last show and she has the best legs. I am envious.  But besides that this show offers African American Designers to opportunity to show in Bryant Park.

So there you have it.   What show are you dying to see? HMM…

Thanks for the original source for images.

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  1. Thanks for the coverage!!!!! Us commoners wish we had your access…can I be your friend TFR 😉 I love the Leanne Marshall dress! It’s also nice to see beautiful models of color on the runway. Ciao, Anaya