September 19, 2021
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Hot! Game Changer The Perfect White Shirt by Your Bra Size

InStyle All 3

When it comes to bottom-down fitted shirts the men have it right. They buy their shirt by selecting one that matches their neck size, we women are often stuck with S, M, L sizes. However, as you know we come in all shapes and bra sizes.  Luckily, this is soon about to change with the introduction of the InStyle Essentials “Perfect White Shirt Collection,” the only shirts to be sold by bra size. InStyle editors worked closely with TrioFit co-founders Rebecca Matchett and Drew Paluba to develop the three versatile styles — classic button-front, weekend tunic, and the bow blouse– that takes into account a woman’s bust and band size, rather than dress size.

The shirts which retail for $59.99 are available in 30 sizes ranging from 32B – 40H. As a result, you can expect a fitted shirt that doesn’t spread in the most inappropriate place.  And it doesn’t hurt that the shirts are really cute (we should know we’ve received one as a gift).

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