December 6, 2022
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Hot! Carrera Summer Escape Finale Party


Ramscale Studios was the hotspot of the weekend if you knew about it.  Why you ask? Well, because that’s where all the hot people where as they lounged and sun tanned all thanks to the Carrera the makers of the coolest and most sunglasses.  I so want a pair.  Anyways, the weather was perfect for such a fete.  Guests where treated to a hosts of special services just for showing up.

Carrera was founded in the in mid 1950’s with their entrance “in the field of sports glasses, ski goggles and helmets far”  and their extraordinary innovation between sports and passion.  Today the company has build a reputation for safety, innovation, technology and most importantly cool designs.  So, it should come as no suprise that the glasses are often spotted among Hollywood fastest trendsetters; with Jaime Foxx sporting a pair of Carrera’s sunglasses on his video ‘Digital World.’   With that reputation to maintain Carrera set out to make this summer a fun one.

Throughout the summer Carrera has held events in the last weekend of each month to NYC most fabulous people.  This last one was no different and the activities equally fabulous and enticing.  People were often spotted with their bikinis sunbathing and enjoying the great weather.  Additionally, guests were treated to morning Yoga sponsored by David Barton Gym along with healthy smoothies for those so inclined along with spa treatments – mani or a massage.

However, for those wanting the “non-healthy stuff ” had to option of Fuze inspired cocktails with vodka sponsored by Three Olives Vodka on Saturday and on Vodka sponsored by Belvedere on Sunday.  Along with Patron and all the beers to make any beer loving hippie truly happy.  Lastly, no true fun party would be complete without food and so this party too had food which was catered by Go Caterers.  The music included DJ sets by DJ Mia Morreti and a resident DJ. And, live acoustic performances at the end of the event Papercranes and Diego Garcia.  The sets were a great end to a wonderful event, mellow yet exciting.

Party favors included CK perfumes and Lancaster sun tan lotion to top all the fun.  Carrera couldn’t done it better if they tried.

Check out pictures (check out the surprise  Birthday celebration for Christina)


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  1. It was a great time! JC