February 3, 2023
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Hot! What to Wear on a Bleisure Getaway

The work-life balance grows increasingly difficult to juggle as the internet of things keeps business professionals ever-connected to their careers. Even on vacation, the blogger spends time responding to comments, the CEO attends a video conference, or the receptionist checks messages and sends emails when they should be enjoying themselves. While grateful for these modern innovations, they reinforce all work and no play mentality. 

Bleisure Travel is Born

Realizing the significance of a positive work-life balance to health, wellness, productivity, and job satisfaction, business owners and employees alike set out to even the scales. Companies began organizing more retreats and fun activities and allowing families to tag along. Employees started using business trips to kill two birds with one stone by extending their time off to spend more time with loved ones. The concept became so popular that bleisure travel was born. 

What to Pack? 

Having the chance to spend time with your family while conducting business takes a load off hard-working professionals’ shoulders. As a relatively new concept, however, there’s still a lot to be learned. For example, what do you pack for your trip? Clearly, you can’t show up for a conference or meeting in shorts, a t-shirt, and flip-flops, but a three-piece suit isn’t ideal for lounging on the beach. You also need toiletries and maybe a bit more makeup than if you were going on a camping trip. Buying zero-waste items for your bad like toothpaste tables or a shampoo bar can save space and free up some much-needed bag space.

Seeing how packing light is the only way to travel, bringing your entire wardrobe with you is inconvenient and expensive. Fortunately, there are style tips that make packing for your next bleisure trip more manageable. 

Think Business Casual

Unless otherwise specified, business casual attire is your best bet. Not as over-the-top as a three-piece suit but not as laid-back as cargo shorts and flip-flops, casual business styles allow you to be comfortable whether you’re handling business or hanging with the family. A pair of khaki pants, a polo t-shirt, and a pair of loafers work well at a meeting or a corporate lunch, but also works for a museum tour, movie theater, or a nice dinner with your family. 

Versatile Clothing

When packing for your bleisure trip, stick to versatile clothing. These are clothes that can be worn in several different ways (or occasions). A floral-printed maxi dress is an excellent example for women. Your company dress code may require you to cover your shoulders with a shawl, cardigan, or blazer, but once you clock out, take the cover off, throw on some trendy sandals, and you’re ready to hit the boardwalk, malls, or beaches with your family. 

Keep Swimwear Tasteful

Whether you’re pitching a deal to new clients or lounging by the pool with your kids, it’s important to remember that you’re on a business trip. You are, therefore, a representation of your company no matter where you are. Keeping this in mind, it is vital to be tasteful when selecting swimwear for your trip.

You may prefer those shiny speedos or the two-piece bantu bikini, but it may be best to stick to traditional swim trunks and bathing suits. From Gucci Swimwear womens one-piece designs to trendy trunks for men, you can find plenty of options that are tasteful yet fashionable for your trip. You can add accessories like wraps, wet shoes, and tank tops to add more personality and style. 

One or Two Upscale Outfits

No business traveler should ever leave home without at least one or two corporate or upscale outfits. You may need to dress to impress while attending a national conference or having an in-person meeting with important clients. If there is a fancy event planned like a banquet or awards ceremony, you don’t want to show up unprepared. Packing at least one nice business suit and one outfit that can be worn to a black-tie event ensures you’re on point at all times. 

The concept of mixing business and leisure travel has afforded business professionals with the chance to perform their jobs while spending time with loved ones. Whether you’re gearing up for an annual company retreat, a teambuilding trip, or traveling to meet a new client, the fashion and style tips above will ensure you’re packed and dressed for the occasion. 

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