June 26, 2019

Hot! Gorgeous Hair Just a Optimum AdvancedTM Keratin System Treatment Away

As a woman of color who vacillates between relaxing my hair and leaving it all natural, I am often looking for products which will tame my misbehaved hair while I decide which hair state suites my mood. Here’s the thing – I don’t enjoy relaxing my hair. My scalp is notoriously sensitive to treatments as a result I relax my hair just a few times a year. Therefore, I always look for products to work with my in between stage hair; or a system that will give my hair a smoother finish for longer period of time.

So, when I was offered the opportunity to have my hair relaxed by professionals to test the Optimum AdvancedTM Keratin Whipped Crème Relaxer System, I naturally jumped at the chance. This system is uses less Sodium Hydroxide than any other system in the market. What’s more this new system is infused with Keratin. The results is a softer and gentler treatment. And, for someone like me -heaven because the treatment allowed me to experience less scalp issues.


My Hair After Treatment

My hairstylist worked the system into my scalp. He did it quickly and effortlessly; no ouch on my part. The product worked as described, there was no smell, it went smoothly and didn’t require a lot of product. Still the results were very impressive – my hair looked amazing. It was shiny, luxurious, silky and everyone seemed to notice the change; However, what really left me stunned was how long the effect of the treatment lasted – my hair look great for months. So, I was able to use less heat on my hair during the summer and my hair still looked fairly decent. And, that’s enough for me.

(Before picture below)


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  1. WOW! Your hair looks amazing!