June 2, 2023

Hot! Fun Cocktails Facts


This is probably not news to many of you but cocktails are having a moment.  And why wouldn’t it? Women are increasingly enjoying spirits that were traditionally enjoyed by men. With the wave of costumers enjoying fancy cocktails so does the increase of social sharing.

In fact, our friends at Sauza recently shared some interesting stats on “cocktailing.” For instance, more than half (51 percent) of cocktail drinkers in America who are active on social media are eager to snap photos of their drinks and share them with friends and family. Crazy right? There’s more the same survey found that People are far more likely to share a cocktail photo to record or celebrate an occasion (63 percent) than to make others jealous (14 percent); however, more than twice as many men as women (20 percent vs. 9 percent) admit their motivation is to evoke envy amongst their friends or followers. As it turns out, you’re not alone in wanting to create the perfect photo, as 22 perfect of folks admitted to disturbing the table setting. Yikes.

And the most interesting fact? Margaritas is the most popular cocktail to order in pitcher form with friends,  daiquiris and or sangria come in a distant second and third place.

How do you share your cocktail experience?


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