June 3, 2023

Hot! Melissa Joan & Kelly Bensimon Party with Witches


I have an insufferable need to win so I don’t often play computer games because that usually ends with me wasting my day away trying to beat a level. It also doesn’t help I tend to get addicting to things quite easily. So last night, at the celebration for King’s newest mobile gaming app Bubble Witch 2 Saga with a bewitching Beauty Cauldron Event, I did what my therapist instructed me to do when I am confronted with gaming triggers. I stayed away from the games and activities. Luckily, because there was so much to do that my mind easily forgot there was a game I needed to win in my presence. The activities were plenty. For instance guests, were treated to manicures, makeup touches and a delightful selection of cocktails inspired by the game as the Stella Royale from the Bubbly Bar.

In addition to the activities guests got to rub shoulders with some famous faces. In attendance was actress Melissa Joan Hart, who unlike took the plunge and played the game. Also, in attendance was TV personality Kelly Bensimon who was spotted chatting with  beauty expert Alexis Wolfer.

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