January 20, 2021

Hot! Sobe LifeWater Round Six: Finale


At 10:01,  my summer Friday’s( as I come to enjoy them) will no longer be the same. I am sad to report that Sobe Summer Fridays have officially come to an end.  I know this write-up has taken me longer than usual to post; that’s because I am in denial but like they say all good things must come to and end and so this too must end.

Anyways, the last event like the others was held at Steven Weiss Studio and the food was catered by La Esquina (I love that corn).  However, unlike the previous events, the finale did not have a particular theme instead the company decided to combine some of their previous activities to create a new experience for guests.  Some new activities like the EA Sports game lounge were added.  Truthfully, I was impressed by the sheer number of activities squeeze into the venue.  On one a corner a game table with huge pictures above it and right next to table was a bike for the onsite photoshoots (remember that party?).  Then, couches where followed by a confessional booth – I stayed away from that.  I do not want to land on youtube again because of confessional booth. I did try to my hand at being a DJ and took lesson from the Scratch Academy (and this was at end).  It turns out that I don’t have what it takes to be a DJ and I sucked.

So, after realizing that I don’t have what it takes to DJ,  I noticed that the crowd starts to gather near the stage.  Using my college education(see it is good sometimes) I realize that a performances is about to start.  I then make my way to stage where Coltrane was announcing Anjulie.   Anjulie is a new artist sign to Starbucks records. Did you know that Starbucks has a record company?   Anyways, sound is different but cool she sang to songs.  An hour later Talib Kweli came on the stage and I was so excited as I love his style.

The place was packed so much so that at five the doors were close to new guests.  FIVE!  So there was a line for all the services and bar was packed (they also ran out of vodka) but all in all the finale was a success.

Also, in attendance Cassie and BJ Coleman and all the great Sobe fans.


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  1. I was there. It was a great time! And the food was fab..seriously…I canceled my dinner reservations. I didn’t realize I totally have DJ skills 😉 & Anjulie sound great “Boom, Boom” You had to be there. Ciao, Helena