June 1, 2023

Hot! Beauty Editor Approved Top Products for Dealing Curly Hair in the Summer

Lorna @ Highline with Curly Hair

Showcasing my natural hair


Women with curly hair (it is at least its this girl truth), know the pains having to deal with summer humidity. The weather while great, can create conditions where frizzy can hair thrive. As someone who is slowly transitioning from relaxed hair and who decided to avoid heat styling, the struggle has been especially real. However, I’ve found some great products that have helped my hair looks its best. Here are some of my favorites.


Aveda suite of products for curly hair are stellar. Still, the brand is adding two new products to their collection and both are pretty sick. That said, the Be Curly Co-Wash is the hero product.  The new low lather cleansing wash replaces the shampoo and gently removes dirt without stripping the hair of necessary moisturize. Additionally, the co-Wash is a sulfate-free and reduces frizz, leaving curls soft and defined.  This product is particularly useful, if you have dry and brittle hair from product build up.



Matrix Biolage Cleansing Conditioner (Coarse)— Like the Aveda product above this cleansing conditioner replaces the need for shampoo. Its incredible and it smells wonderful but most importantly leaves your hair noticeably softer and detangles even the most unruly hair. For instance, after a particularly fun beach day that left my hair tangled, full of sad and just plain brittle, the Cleansing Conditioner restored my hair to a normal state without much breakage and that’s a plus.  Featuring Avocado extract, the Cleansing Conditioner gently washes the hair doesn’t strip the hair so you will notice shinier hair that is full of live after use, at least I did.


Pre-Wash Detangling Butter — I like using this cream when I am feeling like my hair needs an extra boost of love. For people with really curly hair that is prone to tangling it will help the tame the tresses. My hair is not particularly prone to tangling but it does help reducing the amount of other products I have to use to keep the frizzies from entering the circle of trust.


Bamboo Anti-frizz Curl Re-activating Spray— You know the precarious time between your next wash but when your hair is not necessarily but somehow your hair decides it wants act like it loves being frizzy? Hopefully, this is not an experience common to just me because this spray works wonder in taming the hair between washes. It is a light weight cream that doesn’t leave the hair dry or worst crunchy. It leaves the hair looking bouncy and fresh without much additionally maintenance. And for a gal on the go this is a plus.



Dove’s Quench Absolute, which created specifically people with curly hair, selection of products are not only wallet friendly but really effective. The shampoo unlike many products doesn’t strip the hair and it also doesn’t overly leave the hair feeling like its been overly cleaned. Once you’ve rinsed your hair it feels like you’ve used a conditioner. The conditioner smells great and works pretty well. The combination offers great hair managability. The creamy texture masque with a light smell leaves the hair feeling great. My hair felt so soft after using and it helps in reducing the time I spend styling my hair. As for the last product in the line, the Dove Quench Absolute Crème Serum, I love using it during my in between washes days. It gives me great moisture. It also leaves my hair feeling fluffy and bouncy but without feeling greasy and without feeling like weight down with product. It is my favorite from the line.


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