June 6, 2023

Hot! Pinkie Swear, You Won’t Want to Keep this a Secret

There’s a new and cheeky brand entering the beauty market that is sure to pique the interest of beauty junkies.  From the brain child of creatives, Pinkie Swear,  offers a unique beauty experience. Products are created “based on style, not skin tones,” as a result shoppers can choose what feels right for them and forego ” traditional” rules. In essence, that feels rebellious but more importantly inclusive. “I think people spend a lot of time trying to fit in. I’ve never wanted that. I’ve always wanted to stand out from the crowd and I think make up allows that,” explained Mandy Mitchell, a Los Angeles based Artist who created the visuals for the brand.

The inaugural offering the “Clip Paint,” a highly pigment lip stain with tons of moisture, is charmingly deceiving because it actually resembles a marker. It includes a precision brush and a custom clip-on cap, resulting a wearable beauty product. The reason for this quite clever and purposeful, “when creating the Clip Paint, we combined our two loves, fashion & beauty. Clip Paint was designed to be clipped on, collected, and worn as an accessory,” explained creators– Brian Wolk and Claude Morais. The stains, which are made in the USA, retail for $18 and feature six stains–.JPEG – If a little mermaid and a renaissance goddess got together, this high-res coral shade is a must-have for super natural lips; About Last Night – The color of gossip. This bright pink shade is what everyone’s talking about, even the morning after; Fire Escape – a classic red shade that’s loud, lush, and never not cool. Sneak out. Sneak in. Look amazing, always; Loft Party – Inspired by the purple haze of dawn and dusk. You’ll wear it from 7pm to 5am and keep on raging; Plan B – an ultraviolet shade that’s half pink, half purple, and always a personal choice; Send Nudes – Low-key bombshell + high-key color. A subtle, slick layer of sex appeal for big nights out (or in).

Pinkie Swear is currently available exclusively online









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