June 1, 2023

Hot! Easy & Affordable Ideas for Temporary Style Makeovers

As we get older and start dealing with serious, real world things like work, rent, marriage and kids, our personal spending often needs to take a backseat. Spare cash is funneled into kitchen appliances and diapers rather than new shoes, jewelry, and purses, and the beauty parlor is a special treat rather than a weekly priority.

You Can Have It All

Changing financial priorities are part of growing up, of course, and they reflect a new, different, and equally rewarding phase of life. Still, this doesn’t have to mean abandoning all that is frivolous! With a little thought, it’s easy to temporarily ’ramp up your vamp’ without spending a fortune.

Think Temporary

It’s generally the case that in the world of personal styling, anything which is temporary costs a lot less than its permanent equivalent, and that’s something you can take full advantage of. Not only do you spend less, you also get to experiment with things, safe in the knowledge that the result can be reversed without too much trouble.

Try a Tattoo

There is something incredibly appealing about making your body into a walking showcase for artwork, especially when it doesn’t have to involve needles, pain, and a stack of cash. The most affordable option is a transfer/stick-on type of tattoo; they are easy to use, (though you would need a friend to help if you can’t easily reach the place where it is to go), cheap, and available in thousands of designs including some on literary themes such as Alice in Wonderland.

If you want to spend a little more there are also options to have temporary tattoos drawn or air-brushed on, or you could go for a beautiful henna tattoo instead. Bear in mind, though, that the transfer type is the easiest to remove, while henna designs can take several weeks to fade.

Easily Ready Nails

Having nicely shaped and perfectly painted nails is a treat, but for many people it’s almost impossible to achieve perfect nails by themselves. That’s what makes press on nails from Dashing Diva so exciting – rather than struggling and getting polish on your own fingers and toes, you simply stick them on and they’re ready to go!

Color Your Hair

Home hair dying kits are popular and affordable, but most are used to maintain or change color for the longer term rather than jazz up hair for a day or two. Luckily, the modern trend for spray or paint on hair colors means anyone can get creative with the (often unconventional) range of shades on offer. Think pink, blue, silver, or purple rather than the usual brown, black and red.

For the more daring, the option of hair stenciling is out there. Available in some salons, but also a very feasible DIY project, this is the opportunity to sport a temporary, spray-painted green butterfly on the top of your head, or indeed have multicolored polka dots on your crowning glory.

It doesn’t have to take a lot of money, time, or even effort to give yourself a temporary new look, which is probably a good thing as you are bound to want to do it more than once!


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