September 23, 2021
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Hot! Sobe LifeWater Round Four


Sobe Summer Friday round fourth- yes I am still going and I won’t stop till it is over. I am having that much fun. Anyways, this past Friday’s theme was a mini-golf course and like the previous Sobe events this one did not disappoint. Throughout the venue (also at 711 Greenwich St.) mini golf stations were set-up complete with equipment and little white chairs.  People were really getting their mini-golf on but not I; Why? Because the food was upstairs and mini-golf downstairs. So, after an agonizing decision between playing mini-golf and eating I decided food was more important. Remember, I’ve said this before: where there’s food there me. Don’t judge me.

So, I was upstairs (after fighting my way up there that is) getting a spa treatments and waiting for the food to arrive. I was hoping corn would be in the house since the food was catered by Habana but sadly it was not the case. There was no corn for me but the food they did have was enjoyable – a Mexican style buffet complete with corn tortillas, rice and beans, and so many salsas. I also spotted celebrity stylist June Ambrose getting her pedicure and Angie Martinez hanging out with friends.

After the food was served and everyone was just chatting the bouncers came up to a group of people and said “Can you guys get up? We have a big celebrity coming.” Naturally, everyone was curious about this celebrity identity. In particular after peaking at the table set-up which including, a bottle of bubbly, fruit platter, and my favorite (even though I don’t eat it) fried chicken. Who could it be that had to have fried chicken? LOL Well, after some time we got word that Jeremiah had entered the building. But, since I don’t want much BET or MTV that meant nothing to me until that is he came on stage and her performing his current hit, “Birthday Sex.”

Another fun night, this Friday theme is a sample and fashion show with some of the proceeds going to charity.


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