February 18, 2019

Hot! Gallery On Your To Do List: Fab Finds for Summer

We can hardly believe that it’s already late July – summer is totally flying by! Don’t let it slip away without treating yourself to one (or a few, or why not all!) of the indulgent but accessible experiences we’ve rounded up for you. We curated this list with the thought that you deserve some quality “me” time to look and feel fabulous – whether it’s through an investment in new shoes, a visit to the spa that you’ve been meaning to get to, or products that can make summer that much more enjoyable, even in the simplest ways. And while much of this list can certainly apply beyond the summer months, what better time to indulge than now?

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Give your feet a break with Alegria.

First things first: trekking around the city day after day in uncomfortable shoes can cause serious damage to your feet (don't get us started on our foot issues). Admittedly, as beautiful as they are, most shoes out there just aren't that comfortable. With summer here, we understandably want to shoe off our pretty, pedicured toes... and Alegria is a fabulous alternative to flip flops and those thin, completely flat sandals with no support.

Alegria shoes are designed-- in fact, engineered to encourage better posture, reduce stress on muscles and joints, and support the natural contours and arch of the foot with its divinely comfortable footbed system.

The brand is easily a go-to for anyone on-the-go or on their feet all day, with a wide variety of styles (including fashionable choices perfect for nurses) spanning sandals, clogs, and Mary Janes.

Pictured above, Alegria's even better take on the "flat sandal" style that is so in right now:
Alegria Verona Antique Bead Work Sandal ($98.95).

Obviously you're still going to wear heels at some point... protect them with the Solemates High Heeler.

The uneven streets and grassy parks of the city aren't exactly the most convenient places to be trekking around in heels - but for the love of fashion, that's what we tend to do anyway. On days that you are choosing to pump up your height and strap on your heels, consider adding the Solemates High Heeler before you head out. It attaches to the base of heels to prevent sinking into grass or getting caught in pavement cracks (read: less wobbling and tripping!).

Available in the colors gold, silver, clear, and black, and in three sizes (narrow, classic, and wide). Your feet will certainly thank you next time you're at an outdoor event or simply have to walk over a grate on the sidewalk.

$9.95 per pair at Solemates

Remember that facial/massage/mani you've been meaning to schedule? The Red Door has you covered.

Red Door Spa's newest location in Union Square, The Red Door offers a special speed services menu, allowing you to choose the treatment you've been meaning to get done and be in and out of the spa in a flash. Offerings include expedited facials done in 25 minutes like the "Queens Expressway Time-Saver Facial" or "Urban Renewal Microdermabrasion Mini-Facial," to beauty bar and blow dry pick-me-ups, to time saving manicure services.

Plus, if you're not in so much of a hurry, the spa is offering its Summer Refresher packages each week, every Monday - Thursday, through September 1st.

These include:
- Signature Summer Escape (signature facial or massage, and a 10-15 makeup application refresher)
- Summer Body Refresher (Olive Oil Salt Body Glow and application of Red Door Spa Professional Olive Oil Moisturizing Body Spray
- Microdermabrasion or Oxygen Blast (add-on to any facial service)

Prices vary by service/package and the Summer Refresher packages are available at multiple Red Door Spa locations. The Red Door is located at 200 Park Avenue South.

Indulge in a tasty, naturally good for you treat from people's pops that epitomizes the joy of summer.

One of our favorite outdoor activities in the city is walking the High Line. To our delight, people's pops also has a home there (on 16th St. and 10th Ave). If you haven't tried the pops or shaved ice yet, you are missing out. Next time you're about to go for the traditional cone, err on the side of adventure for our taste buds. The team behind this treat prides itself on transforming local, sustainably grown fruits and herbs into its cool, delectable popsicle creations.

If you can think of traditional summer flavors -- Raspberry Lemonade? -- they've done it. Plus, people's pops often comes up with creative alcohol-infused pops too, especially for its corporate clients (ha) -- flavors like strawberry lemongrass vodka, nectarine mint white rum have our heads spinning trying to keep track of all the ones we want to try.

We don't know about you, but a Plum Flower Power pop (our favorite that's made with real plum, chamomile, lavender, and other magical things that give it its name 'Flower Power') on a hot, sunny day? Tastes like utter bliss.

Pictured above: blueberry peach lavender pops. Yum. Click here for people's pops locations (pops $3.50 each, shaved ice $2.50)

Never see bra sizes the same way again after a personalized fit styling session at INTIMACY.

Earlier in the summer, we were invited to a fitting at INTIMACY to change the way we think about selecting our lingerie and swimwear. And we were amazed to discover... all this time we'd been thinking about our bra sizing all wrong. INTIMACY carries brands from all around the world in over 90 sizes (A to K cup) and 15,000 styles. - enough for us to confidently say that there's something for everyone. We were smitten with how sexy the Jane bra made us look and feel, and head over heels with this polka dot Andres Sarda bikini (seen above).

In the session, the boutique's experts help match you with the perfect fit of lingerie and/or swimwear, carefully selecting pieces that suit your taste and fit, flatter, and accentuate your body's natural curves. You owe it to yourself to feel sexy in your own skin.

INTIMACY currently has three locations in New York City, with another coming soon - its newest 5th Avenue boutique is slated to open next month, August 2014.

Enjoy a beautiful cruise (day or night) in New York Harbour with Manhattan by Sail.

A lot of the New Yorkers we know have actually never been to some of the key landmarks/tourist attractions of the city like the Statue of Liberty - or they've never seen what the Staten Island Ferry even looks like. Soak in the sights of our beautiful city's harbor aboard one of Manhattan by Sail's vessels, which offer a range of themed cruises in all hours of the day (including craft beer tasting, Sunday brunch, happy hour, sunset, and twilight cruises) to suit your fancy.

Prices vary by cruise selection.

Score a total steal with the Nordstrom anniversary sale and the exclusive Mario Badescu Complexion Perfection Kit.

It's no secret that we're super fans of Mario Badescu... and that we love a good sale. Naturally, we are beyond delighted about this skin saving kit that is exclusive to Nordstrom and one of its beauty exclusives. For less than $30, you can score a three piece set of products that we swear by for clear and healthy skin - especially for those times when you get a pimple or two right before a special occasion (don't you hate that?!) and need to see results - fast.

In fact, we previously put the Drying Cream to the test when we had an unsightly pimple appear at a particularly inconvenient time. It worked wonders. And the Drying Lotion is among our most trusted miracle workers -- a staple in our beauty cabinet.

The Complexion Perfection Kit includes the Drying Lotion, Drying Cream, and Special Healing Powder. Grab it while you can during Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale, going on through August 3rd.

$29.00 ($43.00 value) at Nordstrom

Mix things up by creating your own nail polish colors.

Get excited, because there's a new way to give your old eye shadow new life! With the help of Allison Rose Spiekermann, author of Homemade Nail Polish: Create Unique Colors and Designs For Eye-Catching Nails , you can concoct your very own nail polish colors at home. Spiekermann clearly breaks down all the equipment/ingredients you need, explains the importance behind the method, and most fun of all - includes a bunch of recipes and different techniques (like creating matte vs. glitter polish) to get you started.

Who knows... with some time to experiment and create your favorite colors this summer, you may have a new hobby or expert craft!

$16.95 (also available on Amazon for $12.24)

Don't let your unused beauty samples go to waste - swap with other beauty enthusiasts for free at eDivv.com.

Many of us often have more beauty products than we know what to do with. Plus, with the latest subscription services from Birchbox, Julep, Glossybox, Ipsy, and others, there's been higher chances that samples have landed in the hands of folks who either already have or tried the product, or are just uninterested for whatever reason. With the belief that there's a home out there for these samples, eDivv created an online marketplace where anyone (currently only in the U.S.) can sign up for a free account and start trading-- or "divvying"-- items with people in the same situation.

The site already contains products from traders spanning across makeup, fragrance, nail color, skincare, and more. It's easy and quick to put up your product listings and start browsing for what you may want to add to your beauty bag instead. It's also a great way to try seasonal makeup trends with sample sizes at minimal cost.

Use of the site is free -- the only costs involved are that users are responsible for covering any shipping costs when trading products with other users.

Eliminate the headache of packing up your beauty and skincare favorites when you travel by turning to 3floz.com.

Wherever your travel plans take you, 3FLOZ is bound to come in handy - it's a one stop shop for your beauty needs, and specifically at TSA-approved sizes. With a focus on making your next outing all the more convenient, 3FLOZ can ship directly to you or to your destination hotel. Its brand roster features a range of household name brands (like Burt's Bees and Fekkai) and niche ones (like Blowfish for Hangovers and Supergoop!) - so even if you're not necessarily worried about packing for travel, the size is perfect for a low-risk commitment if you simply want to try something new.

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