June 7, 2023

Hot! How to Pet-Proof Your Clothes

As if staying fashionable wasn’t expensive enough, those of us with pets also have to deal with the innumerable pet-related disasters that will inevitably befall us and our wardrobe. The best way of dealing with this damage is to prevent it from happening in the first place. Below is a quick guide to keeping your clothes safe from common household pets.


If there’s one thing that dogs are good at it is destroying things. If your dog is still a puppy then, unfortunately, there’s little you can do about their destructive streak; it’s simply another part of their normal development. Like with babies and young children, chewing is something puppies do as they grow up and their teeth come in. The best way of keeping a puppy from chewing on your beautiful new vintage dress is to get them a chew toy. These are designed especially for this purpose and dogs will generally greatly prefer them to a piece of fabric.

Another common reason for chewing, and indeed most other forms of destructive behavior, is because of a dog’s emotional state, such as if they are scared, anxious, or bored. With dogs, this is a common side effect of a lack of exercise.

Exercise is a good way of treating anxiety and may encourage your dog to feel more comfortable socially with other dogs. Some dogs, however, do suffer from depression and anxiety disorders and while exercise will help these dogs, you should try using Canna-Pet a natural supplement that is made from hemp.


Cats love to climb and explore. They are very agile creatures capable of climbing up seemingly anything, including clothes, and their sharp claws are the most destructive thing about them. Most of the damage done by cats is akin to damage caused when an item of clothing is snagged on a nail. As agile as cats are, they can’t open doors and the easiest way of stopping your cat from damaging your clothes is simply to make them inaccessible. If your cat is liable to wander around the house then try not to leave clothes out in the open, particularly on the backs of chairs or other places where a cat is likely to climb.


Most other animals commonly encountered in the home, i.e. hamsters, gerbils, birds, etc., are no threat to your clothes as they live in cages. That said, it’s still a good idea to keep them away from clothes when they are out of their cages, although they should always be supervised anyway. Rabbits are another common pet and are sometimes allowed to roam free by their owners. Again, physically blocking access to your clothes is the most effective way of keeping them safe from harm.

Pets are generally friendly and inquisitive and while these are wonderful qualities to look for in a pet as a companion, they’re also the reason why pets like to explore and why they might see your clothes as nothing more than pieces of material to play with. Keep your clothes, especially the valuable ones, well out of the way where curious paws and teeth can’t get at them.

Imagine via: Dogtime.com

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