March 20, 2023
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Hot! Campaign Trails: Helena Christensen Sizzles in NYDJ’s Fall 2013 Ads

iHelena Christensen NYDJ Fall 2013

We know what you’re thinking: is that Helena Christensen? Isn’t she in her 40’s? And why does she look so good? To answer your first two questions yes and yes. Christensen, is the face for NYDJ‘s fall’s “Walk in Beauty,” campaign.  In the process she is the first personality to front a campaign for the brand.  

“With the evolution of our brand and expansion of product, this season was a perfect time to push the boundaries on our advertising and take it to the next level,” explains Edwin Lewis, Chairman and CEO of NYDJ.   Helena rose to the top because of her incredible beauty and legendary fashion experience, and also because she is a woman of substance who embodies the self-confidence and beauty women feel when they wear NYDJ.”

The new campaign featuring Helena will hit distribution channels across most channels including print and digital publications starting next month and continuing with a commercial debut (a first for them) on September 9th (which just happens to fall on this editor’s birthday).

As to the last question: Why does she look so good? We can only assume Ms. Helena has an iron-clad deal with some magical creatures.

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