October 20, 2018

Hot! #RoyalBaby Frenzy: Our Top 5 Tweets of the Day


Unless you’ve been living under a rock (and even then…), you’ve heard (by way of smartphone, television, computer, and every other tech toy out there) that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge welcomed their baby boy into the world today.

Throughout the day, we kept our eyes on the Twitterverse to see what people were posting. And voila: here our our top 5 tweets of the day, starting with a brilliantly timed exclamation from the team at America’s favorite cookie.

royalbaby_oreo2 thumbnail
royalbaby_disney thumbnail
royalbaby_maybelline thumbnail
royalbaby_models thumbnail
royalbaby_snape thumbnail

Good stuff.

This tweet from our friends at Maybelline tickled our fancy.

A nod to the crazy amount of media coverage. But seriously... can we talk for a minute about what the little prince is going to wear?

We couldn't help ourselves with the Harry Potter reference.

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