March 25, 2023
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Hot! Lucky 15 betting for inexperienced punters

Creating your own Lucky 15 bet can be a big task for those who aren’t as knowledgeable on them. They work as one of the many terms in horse racing that scare away less experienced bettors but there’s a lot of factors which point towards their popularity, and it seems like a shame to miss out on a betting market that can be so beneficial to those who regularly back them.

Oddly enough, one of the biggest obstacles with Lucky 15 betting is that most punters are yet to understand what they are, and there aren’t too many outlets which offer a thorough explanation. This leaves a lot of people in a vicious circle where they’re never able to try the market out for themselves or see how useful they really are. One of the only places that’s worth considering for help with backing your own Lucky 15 bets is on The Winners Enclosure’s Daily Lucky 15 Tips page, where you’ll find recommended bets on the market as well as information on how they work and how best to make your own.

How does a Lucky 15 bet work?

The meaning behind a Lucky 15 tends to get lost in translation but their main use is to provide punters with a way of winning their bet even if some selections lose. This is done through there being fifteen different bets in one single Lucky 15 selection, with four selected horses being tied into four singles, four trebles, six doubles and a four-fold accumulator. As there’s fifteen different bets happening at once, you’d typically put £15 on each outcome, amounting to a £15 stake overall.

As the main aim of any bet is to try to get some returns for what you’re betting on, the Lucky 15 market holds a major incentive with being able to provide returns even if all of your bet doesn’t win. This happens through the fifteen bets taking place in one selection, as you’ll be rewarded with returns for each section of the bet landing. For instance, if two teams win, you’ll be given returns for the two singles and the one double they were involved in.

For backing your own Lucky 15 bet, while most people will use a £15 stake, you can wager any amount on your bet, as long as you’re aware that it will be spread out across all fifteen outcomes, decreasing your potential returns. The popularity of Lucky 15 bets has also led to the option to back them on each way terms, with that amounting to thirty times your stake rather than the usual fifteen.

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