March 9, 2021

Hot! Sneakers Lovers: This One is For You

Hopefully, you were lucky and were able to get your hands or feet on the Louis Vuitton special edition Kanye West sneakers because they were sold before they hit the shelves. Rumors suggested the sneakers would make their way to stores by the end of this year so imagine our surprise when we heard the sneakers were shipped  last week.  And, by stores I mean the lucky customers that were able to place an for the sneakers BEFORE they even made into the stores.

If you were not lucky enough to get them, I am sorry. I too am sad and I don’t even wear sneakers.   I like Kanye’s sneeks because they are just so cool. Anyways, lets just drool over them. Check them out.

Image courtesy of via

3164_481c6a27a90f3212ad63523ab13d1c3e sneakers



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