August 9, 2020

Hot! Edeyo Turns Two


Edeyo an independent not-for-profit charity devoted to improving the quality of education for children in Haiti – the poorest nation in the nation in the Western Hemisphere.  In addition, the charity rebuilds run down school buildings, distribute school supplies and provide meals for students.  Founded by Unik Ernest – Edeyo, which means “I will help them” in Creole turned two recently and celebrated its “second birthday” at Griffin.

Griffin formally known as PM (Mr. Ernest was  once an owner) was packed with guests all out to support Edeyo.  Guests where encourage to make a $50 contribution to aid Edeyo in raising $50,000. The money raised will be used to further help children in need. To encourage guests to donate money and learn about the foundation a mini movie was shown about what it has accomplished in its short time in business.  After the movie was shown Unik got up and gave awards to supporters and other founding members.

After Unik finished with the award presentation he introduced the guest of honor, Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon. She gave the most heartfelt speech and was clearly emotional. She spoke both in English and Creole.  During her speech she mentioned her mother passed away recently and felt her mother would have been so pleased with her involvement with in the charity. She explained how proud she was of her Haitian heritage that got the crowd really riled up and  most were excited with agreement. I mean people where shouting and that was great to see.  She was gracious, kind and her spirit was felt throughout.  All in the all the crowd was having a good time.

The food during the event was prepared by Seraphim restaurant and I must say it was delicious. I went back for seconds. Yeah, I was ashamed but not so much that it stopped me from going back because I did.  The DJ got the crowd dancing and enjoying themselves and people did. I know I did. Anyways, find out more about Edeyo for yourself and support (if you can).

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