March 5, 2021

Hot! Blake Lively opens the Swarovski Crystallized Store



Gossip Girl, Blake Lively was on hand to celebrate the opening of the Swarovski Crystallized Concept Store in Soho. The opening party for the Swarovski store which was held in conjunction with Charity Water was jam packed with guests wanting their first look at the all the fun stuff.

The crowd chatted, danced, and guests were a buzzed on the death of the King of Pop. Throughout, the evening the DJ played Michael Jackson music and guests could be heard stating their disbelief about this death or sharing a childhood memory about the effect of his music them. I too can’t believe he is no longer with us. I did dance to thriller when it came on. Thriller is like my favorite song. I used to know all the moves but sadly in my old age I’ve forgotten them.

Anyways, if you like shiny stuff or “bling” then you should stop by the store to score some goodies. At the store customers are able to purchase loose crystals and choose from over 2,000 “elements” such as gems and pearls; customers are able to purchase customizable and ready-to-wear jewelry. Also, for a limited time customers can purchase the Divine Rock necklace that retails for $88 with 100% percent of the proceeds going to Charity (one of my favorites charities).

The store which is located at 499 Broadway is now open to the public. So ahead get your bling and purchase your Divine Rock necklace as they will only in stores through end of January.

Below some images of the celebrities in attendance. Lucy Liu, the first one that I noticed was gracious and friendly. I don’t know when Blake Lively or Evan Rachel Wood (she had tons of make-up) arrived I just saw them chatting with each other. I do remember seeing Chloe Sevingy arrive and thinking boy her outfit looks familiar. Then I remembered she wore a similar outfit at the Polo Classic event a few weeks ago.

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Erin Fetherston

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