November 18, 2018

Hot! Gallery The Park Hyatt Hotel and Friends of Finn Celebrate VIP (Very Important Puppy) Treatment

Yup – Very Important Puppy. We were honored to attend a special puppy play date this past Monday at the Park Hyatt Hotel with our own VIP, Coco. Animal rights group Friends of Finn (founded by Amanda Hearst) celebrated its partnership with the hotel by hosting a lovely fete with furry and fluffy friends – and some fashionable humans including Georgina Chapman, Tara Subkoff, and a mix of PR and editorial influencers. Pups enjoyed fresh treats prepared by executive chef Sebastien Archambault and Breuer Premium Pet Food, as well as ultra luxe service that included a server on standby to refill the water bowls with Voss water.

Our little Coco was introduced to the four-pawed social media stars of today including Toast, Finn, Cornelius and Liger (who were both recently in Vogue…), Chloe the mini Frenchie, and more. The party was also adorably branded the “Bark Hyatt”, with the food labeled as such and a giant, squishy pillow that Coco enjoyed lounging on when she wasn’t busy socializing.

The excitement around the Park Hyatt partnership with Friends of Finn was centered on the announcement of a new program to rival any other dog-friendly venue… when guests check into the Park Hyatt with their dogs, they’ll receive a dog walking map of the surrounding area, free dog walking services, and best of all… $100 automatically donated to the Friends of Finn Foundation! Room amenities will also include a dog bed, treats, and a thoughtfully included collar/charm with the hotel’s information.

Hearst told Page Six, “The dog is getting treated better than the person!” We’re kind of okay with that… look at how cute the pampered pups are!

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PHNYs Designer Puppy Play Date

Hanging out with Coco

Photo by Ryan Kobane/

Amanda and Finn Hearst

Photo via Instagram (@parkhyattny)

The one and only Toast with Great Pyrenees Cornelius and Liger

Photo via Instagram (@toastmeetsworld)

Georgina Chapman with Lottie the Yorkie

Photo by Ryan Kobane/

The scrumptious set-up of gourmet dog food by Breuer Premium Pet Food

Photo via Instagram (@breuerpremiumpetfood)

An all star smile if we ever saw one - hi Addie!

Photo via Instagram (@addiethebully)

Chloe cools off in the shade with Toast

Photo via Instagram (@chloe_theminifrenchie)

Coco relaxing on a Bark Hyatt pillow

Photo via Instagram (@cococuddles)

Peek more photos of the Dog-mosphere by Ryan Kobane/ Feature photo by Amy Lombard for

Special thanks to MODE PR and the Park Hyatt for having us!

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