March 23, 2023
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Hot! What’s In Your Carry-on?

So, it’s that time of year again – where we’ve saved up enough vacation days to travel to parts unknown and try and relax. And, after this last year, we all really need to relax and we really, really need to get out of town. So, whether you’re going to some fabulous international city like Paris or Barcelona, the beach – literally anywhere – or just going on a flight a couple of states away, what’s in your carry-on? 

While the answer to this question will, of course, vary greatly, there are a few essential items that we all need to make sure we’re bringing with us during our summer travels. Let’s cover a few now, shall we?

First Aid 

Whether you’re a mother looking out for her entire clan, traveling with just a partner, or maybe you’re going solo, having a small baggie of first aid essentials in your carry-all is vital. Your first aid kid should mainly look like a few band-aids, some anti-inflammatory/fever reducers, and sanitizing wipes/spray. Of course, even though they’re not mandated virtually anywhere anymore, it’s good to have enough masks for everyone in your travel party as some private establishments still require them. Also, whether you’re traveling somewhere where the sun will be shining bright or not, SPF is essential to apply every day, so toss that in for good measure. 

Important Articles 

It’s a good idea to keep all of your “important articles” in your carry-on, because unless you’re traveling by car (so train, plane, heck even boat), you may get separated from the bulk of your luggage. So make sure you stow your passports, licenses, credit cards (or traveler’s checks) in your carry-on. It’s a good idea also to keep these financial items in one place so they’re easily accessible and you don’t have to go rooting around for something so important in a pinch. If you’re splurging on a vacation, treat yourself to one of those designer wallets you’ve been eyeing to organize all these items. Also included in the category of essential articles will be things like a list of emergency contacts, any medications you’re required to take daily, and a backup battery or charger for your phone. It’d be wise to store any camera or smaller electronics you’re traveling with as well, since they’re valuable and unfortunately, sometimes luggage gets lost. 

Snack Attack 

Depending on how long or what type of journey you’re taking, snacks are a must. Even if it’s a short flight, you want to make sure you’ve packed along with some healthier options than what you’re going to get in flight. There’s a reason for so many jokes existing about just how awful airline food is and has been for decades. If you’re traveling in the car, you know there’s nothing worse than getting stuck in congestion miles and miles away from the next exit. If you are prepared with some healthy snacks, you, along with all the other passengers, will be in a much better mood if you can stay satiated. You should also include a reusable water bottle in your carry-all to keep you hydrated. Flying will dry you out, and you want to land looking fabulous; and though it may make stopping at rest areas annoying in the car, you still need to drink your eight glasses of water a day, even when road tripping.

Go, DJ

Playlists are, sadly, things that get overlooked when preparing for travel. But, they can make all the difference in the world and indeed be a lifesaver. Kids arguing in the backseat? Turn on that playlist you created. Is the passenger in-flight snoring loudly next to you? Or a baby crying a few rows back? Girl, throw on that playlist! It’s definitely worth it to carve out sometime prior to your trip to curate a few playlists and have them ready for your journey. Even if you don’t have time like that, you can literally search for an artist on your chosen music app, and chances are there’s an “essentials” playlist by them. Download and enjoy!

So, make sure that you bring everything you would need should you get stranded on a desert island in your carry-on. Never underestimate the power of the carry-on. And remember, luck always favors the prepared! Bon Voyage!

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