January 30, 2023
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Hot! How to Shine

Summer is just around the corner and after a season inside it is something to really look forward to. How many of us have been dreaming of the warmth and sun which will be coming once again? We all deserve to look fabulous as we step out into this sunlight and these fresh breezes. We might wonder what are some ways to allow our inner being to shine at this moment. We might also wonder how to look our best as we begin to meet up with small groups of friends and family once again. 

For many of us we will use makeup to highlight our inner selves. There are some tricks to do so in the most effective way for summer. One trick is to make sure our makeup is eco friendly and non-toxic. The great news is there is a wide range of non-toxic products including cream blush, lip balm, and moisturizers which fit the bill. We will never look our best with traditional makeup. Makeup is what you put on your face so why would you put anything not non-toxic there. Knowing your makeup is nontoxic will make you feel better about yourself and the choices you are making in your wider life.

Another way to improve our skin is by making sure we are being healthy. This does not mean that you must go do a million push-ups or jumping jacks. The important thing is to simply stay active, which could look like traditional fitness, having a dance party, or doing some hardcore cleaning. Moving can be a lot of fun and the more fun it is the more likely we are to continue with it long term. Remember to give yourself credit for each action no matter how small it might seem at the time. Each step, each stair, each stretch counts.

Our diets also play a part in our overall well being. This does not mean giving up everything that tastes good, or suffering all the time. Often the best way to eat healthier is to have healthy food delivered right to your door so you do not have to think ahead of time about what you should get and be tempted by chips or cookies. It can also be important to take an inventory of your diet to see if there are any nutrients you might be missing. If there are any you identify you might want to take a multivitamin in order for your body to have everything it needs to shine.

The final component of allowing ourselves to shine is taking care of our mental and emotional health. If you are struggling you are less able to spend the energy to make good choices. If it is hard to get out of bed it will be hard to try a new healthy recipe or to get any physical activity in. In these moments it can be too easy to judge ourselves and compare ourselves to others. Neither judging nor comparing lend themselves to allowing all your inner being to shine.

If you are struggling, pause, and examine what is happening in your life. Maybe you have too many tasks on your list and need to ask for help. Maybe you have not been getting enough sunlight and could use a few moments sitting outside. Maybe you have been supporting family and friends and have to take a moment for yourself with a cup of tea or taking a warm bath. Maybe you are struggling to get past conflict or experience in your life and should talk with a therapist. In the end if we do not take care of our mental and emotional health we will always struggle to shine brightly. 

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