November 30, 2022
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Hot! You’ll Love This Sparkling Wine… and it Uses Apples

Traditionally sparkling wine–whether prosecco, cava or champagne–is produced from grapes usually local to the region. The most common grapes are chardonnay, pinot noir, and pinot meunier and these grapes are used to create wine which ferments and results in the bubbly drink we love so much. However, Sauvage doing things differently with their selection of fruit to create their sparkling wine. Just what did they choose?  The company chose apples to create their special sparkling wine. The distillery situated in Oneonta, New York (and where this editor attended Hartwick College in the same town), a small charming town with scenic views, bitterly cold winters, and an abundance of apple orchards a great resource if your business in producing sparkling apple wine.

While apples are the base, the process to create the beverage is the same one used by the French winemakers to create champagne. The sparkler starts as pure apple juice which is then fermented using the French technique, it bears no added sugars, preservatives or artificial flavors. The result is a crisp bubbly beverage that marries the complexity of traditional fermentation with the subtle & sweet flavor often found in premium ciders.  The Comsi Comsa Apple Crisp ($14.99) is slightly sweet, full of robust flavors derived from the apples, and astonishingly refreshing. The combination surprisingly feels a wine you would have year-round, unlike ciders which feel more like a winter beverage. Additionally, the subtle flavors in sparkling wine lends itself as a great base for a summer cocktail. It also pairs well with food and cheese.

Currently, the company produces two variables one the “hero” wine Comsi Comsa Apple Crisp and Comsi Comsa Oak Aged (which is a limited production and French white oak barrels), both are gluten free, kosher, and unsurprisingly all natural. It bears a slighler lowever alcohol level (12% ABV) than traditional sparkling wine. That said, the bubbly are housed in luxury looking bottles making it an ideal gift for all types of celebrations.







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